In 2010 a family of four sold their charming little condo in the increasingly fashionable neighborhood of University Heights. With the money they bought a stripped out house in East San Diego previously owned by human smugglers. Their goal was a radical change in lifestyle that would allow DIY Makerism, self reliance, alternative technology, permaculture, and urban homesteading into their lives in ways their HOA would have never allowed. The ideas that lead them to take this plunge came from the steampunk movement as it was during a brief shining period when art and philosophy seemed at least as important as brass, and great essays, speeches, and letters were written. These days they don't worry so much about what people call "steampunk." They call what they're doing the Greyshade Estate.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Good news

We're getting a lot of hits this morning due to the appearance of my guest post, The Nine Novels that Defined Steampunk, on the Steampunk Workshop. That makes it all the more important that I share our good news in timely manner. A couple weeks ago we received notice that our Social Security application for Miles had been approved. What that meant in terms of money we did not know until this Saturday when our first check came in the mail. Basically we are getting enough so that between my job and SSI our steady income and our fixed bills meet. That means if we continue to live like frugal little homesteaders and reliable people I will not have my wages attached and we will not default on our mortgage. We still have to scramble each month for power, water, gasoline and what few groceries we buy but the house is safe. This is huge! For this reason we are asking you NOT to donate to our Go-Fund-Me fundraiser below. It has served its purpose by getting us through late March and April, when we truly had no way to pay our bills. A hearty thank you to all who helped us when we had no where else to turn!


  1. I am thrilled with your good news. All my love!

  2. Great news!
    And may the good news keep rolling in for you all.